An opportunity for PENNA Associates

Coaching With The Body

APECSHow can you be resourceful in the face of continual change and competing demands that stretch your capacity in all directions?

An opportunity to connect with what is really true for you and then take that insight into your business and your life. The result enriches both yourself and the individuals with whom you interact.

This 1:1 and group work draws on the tradition of yoga as a mindfulness based coaching method:
Woven into the coaching conversation are body postures, regulated breath, meditative pause and philosophical threads. The postures engage thinking, feeling and reflection. Physical movement with focus quietens the mind and creates space for new perspectives. This is energising and grounding. Sensory perception expands so you may respond with your embodied mind and express your authentic self.  Being centred allows a deep inner cohesion and interpersonal engagement which enhances the learning opportunities.

It is not necessary to be practising yoga to participate and benefit.

This offer contains:

  • 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions of 90 minutes monthly
  • 6 x 30 mins reflection by email / phone / skype between coaching sessions
  • 1 day workshop -  gathering of all participants to reflect together on progress from learning and the process, following the completion of the coaching sessions.

Fees:     self referred    £1 000         in Company    £1 500