Systemic Executive coaching for individuals

We offer one to one coaching sessions for managers and executives. These provide both support and challenge, and aim to meet both the manager’s and organisation’s needs in a highly focused way.

In our experience some typical issues that may be addressed are:

  • achieving a better personal fit with the team or organisation
  • clarity and enthusiasm about role
  • feelings of achievement, a sense of being influential
  • a sense of movement within relationships, better communication and mutual understanding
  • clarity of career progression opportunities

By the end of a programme of individual sessions managers will have:

  • gained inspiration in striving for excellence in their performance having explored their professional connectedness within the organisation and their personal competencies
  • adopted fresh strategies for achieving goals within the organisational context
  • cultivated personal resources for dealing with difficult relationships
  • acquired coaching skills for managing their team


The initial contract is set up between the organisation, the individual and the coach. Early on in the process a 3 way contracting meeting takes place for coach, individual and line manager to clarify the organisation’s requirements for the individual’s development. Whilst sessions between the individual and their coach remain confidential the manager may choose to share his/her learning with others. There is emphasis on the individual reviewing progress against plans and seeking feedback on progress from peers, colleagues and line manager. They are invited to keep a diary of their learning.