Comments from participants


  • become more effective
  • be more effective in my interactions with people because I say more rather than hold back and have that dialogue in my head
  • be effective at influencing through my interactions with people which are more confident and I feel more resilient
  • be more effective by creating distinctions between the groups of people I need to influence and then taking action which is really pertinent
  • be more adept at untangling knots and making something different happen
  • be more effective in managing staff and letting go when required
  • make a fundamental shift in my perspective from doing to being
  • use my systemic eye to see what will really make a difference
  • establish my business as an independent consultancy and shift my professional identity to be more coherent with my values
  • be more inspiring when facilitating because I have focus and its shifted to ‘what am I being’ from ‘what am I doing?’


  • I manage myself and how I relate to others which creates more possibilities
  • I approach change differently, appreciatively, by noticing and amplifying whats already good and buzzing with energy
  • I establish 1:1 relations within the team that form strong bonds which makes it easier to get things done
  • I am being reflexive in the moment noticing ‘how am I being, how am I coming across, who do I want to be?’



From David Monkhouse participant in 2010 open programme year group

I was recommended to this Systemic Management development activity by a good friend and mentor Barry Holmes and at first struggled to understand how the planned sessions would benefit me.

By the time we had covered day 1, I understood. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the first ‘Consultation’ a chance for the group to put the theory into practice. Using systemic questioning, hypothesising and reframing the group helped me to understand an issue that was challenging me and offered a number of alternative strategies. There is plenty of good quality pre session reading, read it and read it again, this is the only way you will get the most from the sessions and be able to support fellow delegates in their development.

There were times when I struggled – particularly on the edge of chaos!

The work on talent, (read Outliers – the story of success), reflexive practice, distributed leadership and resilience is fascinating and for a while I did not realise how much had sunk in.

I run a consultancy, working in sport, recreation, fitness and golf assisting local authorities, trusts, universities and the private sector to change. Every module I covered has been used, I am able to interrogate and interpret challenges with far greater clarity, apply learning from others and develop individuals via coaching and mentoring in a far more effective manner due to the development I gained from Elspeth, Teresa and the cohort I studied with.

December 2012



“Your approach in facilitation is well ordered, well thought through and planned for some things unusual to happen and so it embodies the safe parameters the enable that creativity at the edge of chaos”

“Thank you for helping me see the picture of systemic work unfold.. Your professionalism and realism helped me to stay grounded in a new world of theory and practice. I enjoyed how it often felt like we were students together as well as benefiting from your expertise thus allowing the flow to generate a dance of its own.”

“I enjoyed the pace at which the group developed with your containment and guidance and willingness to be flexible. I also appreciated your honesty and humility.”

“It was as ever, very interesting and stimulating - I admire your skill and knowledge immensely. I had not thought consciously of being courageous - it just seemed like the most pressing thing in my mind. You have been, and will continue to be, a real inspiration to me. ”

“Elspeth and Teresa you are a strong team and have a natural flow in the way you facilitate together”

“Elspeth and Teresa you are very skillful facilitators both sensitive and thoughtful and robust with no hesitation in challenging productively and effectively even when it might be uncomfortable. It is also evident that you work through issues of diversity and complexity which is something important and intrinsic to my own personal values.”