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Elspeth Campbell

I run my own business as a management consultant and executive coach inspired by systemic management practice. The systemic approach is relational, its about how we relate to ourselves, to others, to organisations and to local and global events. It reminds people at work and in their lives in general about what it means to be human, to have a sense of purpose and to have the will to pursue that purpose.

I have an MSc in Systemic Management, I am qualified in psychology.

I facilitate leadership development across all business sectors and, having worked as a management consultant in Europe and in developing countries, I am accustomed to adapting in a culturally sensitive way. I help people understand the context for leadership in their organisation or community and the demands and opportunities this presents on the 'leader'. I believe every person is a leader of their own life as well as perhaps within an organisational hierarchy. Our work together assists developing leader identity in a deeply authentic way.

I hold APECS coach accreditation, I am a certified Coaching Supervisor.

As a qualified and practising Iyengar Yoga teacher my individual and group coaching, and coaching supervision, is enhanced with the physiological and spiritual wisdom of yoga. This brings integration within self and within one’s community as one of the meanings of yoga: union.

I am undertaking a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy training and setting up my therapeutic counselling practice.

I participate in neuroscience research into evidence-based effects of yoga as an integrated system enabling people to regulate emotions, to mentally focus and to nurture themselves.