Comments from Executive Coaching clients

Director in Finance, corporate national airline

“The strength of Elspeth’s coaching is that it is not premeditated. She picks up the way things are so accurately in this intuitive way. Elspeth was of great assistance to me in helping improve my interpersonal and influencing skills. Consistently professional, flexible and resourceful she helped achieve a fundamental reappraisal of my attitude and aims towards others, including a move away from a purely task focused approach to one designed to achieve a deeper connection. I was particularly impressed by the creativity of several of the exercises that we undertook together. Gentle but firm she inspires others to inspire others better.”

Director in Internal Audit, German investment bank

“I have learnt to ask more questions, valuable ones, through work with you, it feels more natural to ask than to tell. For eg I am able to see in my mind the questions to ask her, see the more and less useful ones for now, and choose which ones to go with”

Divisional Director Fund Management Company Referring to the use of 360 profiling of her leader influence styles

“That was a real turning point – I didn’t like what I saw in the responses of others. Then you carefully took me through it and, having acknowledged my tendency to seek approval, to withdraw in an avoiding way, I worked out things I could do something about. Although I felt really down initially your knowledge of me and the trust I had helped me face it.”

CEO Arab banking institution

“The way you described my dilemma as wizzing round on a roller coaster was spot on, but what made the real difference was you showing me so graphically how I had shifted out of this and when I saw how I could it was like a bolt of realisation. Working with the micro and the macro is intensely difficult and rewarding at the same time!”

Client Partner & Account Manager

"I have found the sessions intellectually challenging, illuminating and utterly insightful. They have been personally rewarding and practically beneficial, both to myself and my employer. I could recommend Elspeth entirely. I should add that I first came to coaching as an extremely sceptical recipient, fully expecting to have my reservations confirmed. Instead I believe these hours to have been among the most useful I have spent."