• Lowering the drawbridge of the fortress:
    Moving from simplicity to complexity
    Authors: Teresa Norman, Elspeth Campbell
  • Elspeth Campbell contributed 4 coaching strategies to this book:
    McMahon, G. & Archer, A. (2010) 101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques. Routledge.

    Ch 22 Redefining the meaning of feedback and creating a unique feedback pattern. Pg 59-61
    Ch 32 Enriching a leader’s influence style through a deepening understanding of their impact on others. Pg 89-91
    Ch 68 Co-ordinated management of meaning. Pg 204-207
    Ch 83 The Daisy model: a framework to create a vision of who the coachee strives to be as a successful professional. Pg 246-9